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Most themes give you some sort of video abilities with youtube. Even better ones give you abilities to use vimeo as well. But the cream of the crop also include hosted video abilities. And on top of that our hosted video player also has a basic HTML5 backup feature so that on iOS or other non-flash devices people can still view your video! You can also control dimensions, autoplay, and even tweak your video size so that it doesn’t show black sidebars on sides or top/bottom.

Skinned YouTube

The best part about video is using our custom skinned YouTube player. Video can finally look like a part of the theme rather than just a cookie cutter player! You can even determine things like autoplay and video quality levels!

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YouTube Video

In the example we put the video in a « box » shortcode just because it looks great! It’s a great suggestion for how to use your video shortcodes.

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Vimeo Video

As you can see you can specify autoplay with a simple yes/no. The video will automatically give itself a width. You can just leave it at that and let it auto-choose a height, but what we recommend is tweaking the height until you get it with no black bars…because it just looks slick! This applies to all 3 video types.

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DailyMotion Video

You can also include DailyMotion videos easily:

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Screenr Video

You can also include Screenr videos easily:

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Hosted Video

Of course one of our most desired features is self-hosted video. Many themes don’t have this because it usually requires building your own video player. We’ve done this, as well as creating an HTML5 backup system for video types that can be played via HTML5. So enjoy the ability to host your own videos!

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