Z – Flash Shortcodes

[teaser]A lot of people knock on flash for not being accessible. But did you know it’s actually not true? Flash, just like javascript, can be progressively enhanced so that search engines, non-flash devices, etcetera have no problem with it. The only issue is that not everyone knows how to do it properly. We give you easy shortcodes that make flash easily degrade to text or images for non-flash devices, and even have alt content for SEO just like images![/teaser]

[flash height= »300″ backup= »{THEME_ROOT}/images/preview/rocket600x200.gif » alt= »SEO Alt Text » bgcolor= »#000000″]{THEME_ROOT}/images/preview/rocket600x200.swf[/flash]

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[/code_line] [code_line][flash height= »300″ backup= »backup-image-here.jpg » alt= »SEO Alt Text »]insert-flash-url-here.swf[/flash][/code_line] [code_line]

[h4]More Info:[/h4]

If you don’t include a « backup » attribute image then the alt text will be the actual backup HTML that non-flash users will see. Otherwise they see the image specified and it has that alt text. You can also include other attributes:

[item]minflash (a minimum flash version, and lower versions will degrade to the backup content)[/item]
[item]bgcolor (to set the background color of the embedded swf)[/item]
[item]flashvars (for advanced users to set flashvars to send to the flash)[/item]
[item]params (for advanced users to set parameters such as allowing full screen and window modes)[/item]