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Hello !

It is not yet too late to wish you to take your responsibilities to have a good year!

Ah, we did not tell you? The good year, it is not decreed, it is obtained.

In fact, it’s like health.
It is completely stupid to wish oneself a good health (as if health were obtained by chance and that for example our way of life, our food and our management of the stress were there for nothing).

In life, if you do not take control of your destiny, life will decide for you.

Become responsible for your health!
Taking control of your health means getting the info to the right place.

It means to expect nothing from the Ministry of Health (= relay of pharmaceutical lobbies).

Take what his doctor says (99% of the time) with a lot of suspicion – he was formatted to treat the symptoms with drugs, not to address the causes, making him a specialist in the disease, not the health.

Learn to be discerning in both classical medicine and alternative health because what is done in natural health has often been shaped by the beliefs of old naturopaths or traditional medicine practitioners of I do not know where are not always right – but by dint of being repeated, they have become “truths” in this small environment.

This discernment will be particularly useful if you are looking for health related information on TV because most health programs are almost completely off the plate – starting with Hello Doctor for those who are still watching this.

Shoemakers are often the worst shod, it also works in the field of health … Personally I have trouble following those who do not inspire me too much (and I invite you not to read me or comment this article if what I say on this blog does not interest you).

In short, if you want to spend a good year, and especially if you want to have good health, I wish you to make the right choices!

What I choose for this year and the years to come!
I take this opportunity to tell you about several projects that are important to me and that I will work to put more and more in place:

– write more newsletters and content articles to give you concrete and simple information on what you can do good and fun for your health (if you have suggestions, tell me in comment)

– make more videos of interviews of real experts on different areas of health – if you have suggestions, say the month in comment. See for example these videos: the October pink scam, or this effective treatment of malaria that does not do the business of pharmaceutical labs, etc.

– do more interviews with testimonials from people who have taken over their health (like Nathalie who has cured a brain tumor!) – if you took over your power over your health while doctors thought that c was damn, tell me in the comments at the bottom of the article.

– create an independent health research institute that will compare conventional medicine approaches and natural approaches in a rigorous way and without the influence of lobbies – if you have ideas on how to launch that, put it on in comment too! It does not exist today, and that is why we are stuck in a limited and archaic approach to health: the chemistry called to the rescue at every turn (I say that while I am a chemist by training! )

– create ranges of healthy and super good food products (preparations based on sprouted seeds, dehydrated soaked seeds, ice creams vegan and healthy, etc.). I do not know yet how to do it, but I’ll find (and if you have ideas, tell me in comment).

– create restaurants with a great atmosphere and healthy and delicious dishes. I have no experience in restoration, I want to create the concept, and I do not know yet how it will be done, but if you have ideas, put them in comment too!

– etc.

I thank you in advance for your support and wish you excellent choices for a happy new year and good health;)

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